A Weekend to be Grateful For!

I have so many things to be thankful for and this has been one of those weekends where I have been able to enjoy all of the great things in my life. First, there was food. So much food. On Friday night my fiancé surprised my with a visit to the GPO Cheese and Wine…

A Little Bit of “Me” Time

Happy Monday! Today I paid $140 at Ella Bache for someone to attack my face with wax and then cleanse, exfoliate and moisture it in the near dark. It was the best feeling ever. I would happily pay an exorbitant amount of money again to feel that relaxed. As I have mentioned before, my wedding…


Today I am grateful for having family members who I can enjoy the long weekends with, who can readily help each other out when the need arises and most of all... can laugh at my horrible jokes and still love me. Today's post is just a short one, since I am currently slipping into a…


Today I am grateful that I have a mother who is so proud of me and has finally become assertive. She has asked to walk me, her third (out of four) daughter, down the aisle on my wedding day.


I won't get all David Copperfield and give you a long-winded story about my life, starting from the moment of my birth and how and why I have started this blog. Really long story short - I'm just your normal, average Australian woman in my mid-20's going through a really stressful time right now. I'm going to be married in 66 days.